Spark for the luxury industry


Quality at the heart of the identity of luxury brands

In an environment where counterfeiting abounds and where the competition from products manufactured in low-cost countries intensifies, it becomes imperative to strengthen the competitiveness of production sites. At the same time, it is crucial to preserve impeccable quality, a symbol of excellence and know-how that characterize the luxury sector


Challenges of quality control in the luxury industry

Maintaining exceptional quality while facing competition from counterfeit products and low-cost items.

Manual visual inspection and non-optimized

Variable quality products, especially packaging

Reputational cost in case of inadequate inspections


The Spark solution transforms the quality control of Luxury businesses.

Spark revolutionizes manual visual inspection with its AI-based solution, accelerating production and ensuring consistent quality while minimizing the risks of contamination and reputational loss.

Consistent quality control with Spark's AI

Quick inspections and more efficient production cycles

Reputation risk reduction


Types of defects detected by Spark

  • Detection of chipped bottle necks for wines and spirits

  • Inspection of damaged lipstick grapes

  • Dullness on shiny accessories parts

  • Insect bites and anomalies on skins and leathers for leather goods

  • White film, smudges, and imprints on injection plastic parts


Innovation and precision for all industrial applications

Spark is ideal for a variety of industries such as cosmetics, packaging, automotive, and many others. It can inspect various materials like metal, glass, and plastic, thus meeting a wide range of inspection needs.

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Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.

Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.