Spark for the automotive industry


A quality challenge: the standards of the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, ensuring reliable quality control is crucial for vehicle safety and performance. Traditional manual inspection methods, which have become insufficient in the face of evolving industry standards, increase costs and raise safety concerns. It is therefore imperative to adopt innovative approaches to address these challenges.


The quality risks in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, where every part matters for safety and performance, traditional inspection methods increase costs and safety risks.

High costs of manual labor

Security risks due to inaccurate inspections

Ineffectiveness of manual inspections


Innovation with Spark in the Automotive Industry

Spark is transforming quality control in the automotive industry by reducing costs and improving safety. With the implementation of Spark Multi-View, precise detection of defects on machined metal parts is guaranteed, optimizing efficiency and quality.

Cost reduction with automation by Spark

Enhanced security through AI anomaly detection

Increased efficiency with quick Spark inspections


Types of defects detected by Spark

  • Detection of grain, orange peel, dust and runs on glossy painted parts

  • Detection of flow lines, white haze, fingerprints, ribs and incompletes on plastic injection parts

  • Detection of chips, craters, pinholes and sink marks 

  • Inspection of foundry or forging parts (sink marks, shrinkage, inclusions, impact, machining, boring)

  • And much more


Innovation and precision for all industrial applications

Spark is ideal for a variety of industries such as cosmetics, packaging, automotive, and many others. It can inspect various materials like metal, glass, and plastic, thus meeting a wide range of inspection needs.

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Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.

Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.