Spark controls 100% of the lipstick with a 50% reduction in operator costs


Decrease in staff cost


Lipstick products are inspected

Client presentation

Large international luxury cosmetics group. Our client has numerous production lines in Europe and the USA. Lipstick production presents challenges with each new product launch, and quality controls are mostly carried out by operators through manual inspection. Our client's production tool consists of both new and decades-old lines. All of these tools need to be upgraded, and the tests they have conducted on numerous inspection systems have not been satisfactory.

Quality at the center of concerns.

The quality of lipstick production could generate only 1% waste on the line. However, mastering all the parameters, for hundreds of shades and frequently renewed innovative formulations, remains difficult to maintain over time. 

Thus, 100% control is necessary to guarantee the highest quality standards that customers expect for premium or luxury products. 

The recruitment difficulties of quality operators that our client encounters, as well as the visual fatigue associated with control positions, are increasingly prevalent constraints in its factories. The non-stability of sorting performances (defects that pass through, good pieces thrown away) then strongly impact its operational margins and the ability to deliver the required quantities to serve the points of sale.

The client's objectives

  • 100% control of lipstick products from multiple angles at once

  • Stability of sorting performance during quality inspection

  • Improvement of operational margins by reducing pass-throughs and volume of good pieces thrown away

  • Adoption of a flexible quality control system that adapts to the numerous launches of new lipstick references.

The solution: Spark Multi View

To achieve these goals, Scortex has implemented its AI-powered automated quality inspection solution, Spark Multi View, equipped with multiple cameras, and has enabled: 

  • A finer detection of defects such as holes on logos, porosities, burrs, tint contaminations, dullness, across the entire complex geometry of the grapes. These defects were impossible to detect with other previously tested solutions by our client. 

  • The creation of control applications adapted to each reference and lipstick shades, in seconds, thanks to Spark's AI. 

  • Compliance with demanding quality specifications of luxury cosmetics. 

  • Real-time access to quality data via the Quality Center Web portal.

  • Support for deployment by a dedicated Customer Success team

The Results

  • The reduction of personnel costs by 50%: by changing from an operator and a driver per line and per team to a single driver

  • 100% control of produced lipsticks

  • Better detection performance of critical defects and maintenance of the overall waste rate at usual levels.

  • Spark inspection system easily adaptable to changes in references to be inspected.

  • Inspection of products with complex geometry, from all angles

  • Integration of Spark into continuous improvement processes.

“Since the Spark station has been operational, the teams at the factory and within the Group have been very impressed”

Nico, Continuous Improvement Engineer


Innovation and precision for all industrial applications

Spark is ideal for a variety of industries such as cosmetics, packaging, automotive, and many others. It is capable of inspecting various materials such as metal, glass, and plastic, thus meeting a wide range of inspection needs.

Frequent questions

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Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.

Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.