Spark reduces the number of false rejects on cosmetic packaging production lines by half


Increase in productivity


Critical defects detected


Rejection rate maintained below this level

Client presentation

European leader in the manufacture of containers and packaging for cosmetics ranging from complex polymers to shiny plastic products. Our client mainly produces containers for lipsticks, perfumes, and powder compacts. Its production capacity can reach 300,000 pieces per day.

Quality at the center of concerns.

The variability of healthy products and the reflections caused by the shiny parts to be inspected lead to a very high rejection rate of products at the end of the production line. This rate reached 10%. For years, the customer tested various vision systems to automate its quality control and reduce its rejection rate, but it remained around 10%, resulting in a high cost of quality.

The client's objectives

  • Control of shiny and reflective parts

  • Cost reduction of quality

  • Elimination of all non-conforming products

The solution: Spark Multi View

To achieve these goals, Scortex has implemented its AI-powered automated quality inspection solution with Spark, and has enabled: 

  • Automated inspection at speeds of up to 3 pieces per second

  • High-performance inspection using AI and control of shiny parts such as shiny powder cases and lipsticks with reflections.

  • Easy development of inspection programs for different references

The Results

  • Rejection rate kept below 1.5%

  • Identification of 100% critical defects

  • 20% increase in productivity

  • Transition to 100% automated production line

  • Improved quality decision making through collected data

  • Simplification of inspection procedures and reduction of operational costs

"It is not necessary to recheck the products at the end of the line, as we can eject the defective products at the source as soon as they are detected. The parts that arrive for packaging are all of good quality, we can feel the difference"

Jacques, quality manager


Innovation and precision for all industrial applications

Spark is ideal for a variety of industries such as cosmetics, packaging, automotive, and many others. It is capable of inspecting various materials such as metal, glass, and plastic, thus meeting a wide range of inspection needs.

Frequent questions

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Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.

Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.