Spark controls 100% of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to secure deliveries


From the overall rejection rate maintained to the rate required by the client


Either reduced personnel charges by half

Client presentation

Large international group specialized in automation and electrical components, our client has a strong maturity in the areas of Industry 4.0 and industrial vision.

Quality at the center of concerns.

The existing vision control station on these product references did not work at the required performance and therefore required human control. However, since this was defective, our client had to set up a quality wall to revalidate the quality of the automatic spot welds. The cost of the operation and the impact on productivity made it necessary to implement a high-performance automatic quality control tool. Finally, due to the volumes and references to be industrialized, the implementation of an AOI was excluded. 

The client's objectives

  • 100% control of 6 through-hole solder points

  • Stability of sorting performance during quality inspection

  • Improvement of operating margins by reducing pass-throughs

  • Adoption of a flexible quality control system that adapts to the numerous product variations

The solution: Spark Multi View

To achieve these objectives, Scortex has implemented its AI-powered automated quality inspection solution, Spark Multi View, equipped with 2 cameras, and has enabled: 

  • Finer detection of solder ball defects, wetting angle, hole filling, pin protrusion, and more

  • The creation of control applications adapted to each reference 

  • Compliance with demanding quality specifications for electrical safety systems

  • Real-time access to quality data via the Web Quality Center portal

  • Deployment support by a dedicated Customer Success team

The Results

  • The reduction of personnel costs by 50%: through the transition from an operator and a quality controller per team to a single driver

  • Better detection performance of critical defects and maintenance of the overall reject rate at usual levels.

  • Spark Multi View inspection system easily adaptable to changes in references to be inspected.

"The ease of creating control programs is really impressive"

Bruno, Automation Technician


Innovation and precision for all industrial applications

Spark is ideal for a variety of industries such as cosmetics, packaging, automotive, and many others. It is capable of inspecting various materials such as metal, glass, and plastic, thus meeting a wide range of inspection needs.

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Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.

Let's discuss your quality today.

Louis and the rest of the Scortex team are happy to answer your questions.