Quality Intelligence

Get control over your quality by automating your visual inspections thanks to the power of deep learning. Scortex's powerful platform allows you to automate the most challenging inspections and centralize quality analytics.

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Our Vision

Digital transformation is mandatory for every manufacturer as smart automation brings improvements to productivity, quality & profitability. Automating advanced visual inspection helps organizations transform their quality processes to support refined control over quality and bring unprecedented visibility over the production in real-time. At Scortex, our mission is enabling manufacturers to take control over their quality by providing our powerful digital quality platform. Bridging the gap between machine learning and manufacturing, we are deploying the leading deep learning solution to transform quality management at the heart of the factory.

Our Solution

Scortex Quality Intelligence Solution enables you to automate your visual inspection online.
Combining a powerful deep learning software, a scalable data infrastructure and industrial-grade edge compute platform to provide you with a complete solution for digital quality management.

Your inspection station gets fully integrated on the production line.

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Key benefits

Scortex Inspection Solution can detect defects and make conformity decision in real-time. Each inspection station generates live status of production quality with dedicated dashboard and integration to your IT infrastructure. Your team does not need expertise in machine learning, vision or automation to benefit from the solution.

Reduce your cost of quality

Get real-time online control

Full-stack quality solution


Delivering an industrial grade solution for inspection, our product can adapt to a wide variety of controls. We have successfully deployed applications across several industries thanks to our deep learning software & extensive integration options.


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We're always on the lookout for top talent who are passionate about re-inventing the way quality control is built, deployed and measured. We are building the most advanced deep learning plaform for quality in manufacturing. If you are up for this challenge, then come talk to us. Let's learn and build together!

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