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Get control over your quality by automating your visual inspections thanks to the power of deep learning. Scortex's powerful Inspection kit allows you to automate the most challenging inspections and centralize quality analytics.

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Introducing Spark

Do you still have manual inspections on your production line? Is your quality costly and not at the level your customers expect?

Start your automation journey now and get results within days. Scortex Spark is a Plug & Play solution to automate your quality inspection within a day.

Leading manufacturers use our inspection solution to automate challenging inspections and reduce their costs of quality. Get control over your quality by automating your visual inspections thanks to the power of deep learning.

Your quality and production team can integrate a fully operational inspection station. The simplicity & speed of implementation redefines what is possible.

Spark Inspection Kit

All you need to start inspecting: A kit with hardware and software ready to use !

Set up your inspection station in a few minutes.
With 30 OK parts you train your Inspection Application.

Our deep learning technology trains itself in seconds. It automatically understands what are the anomalies to detect.

Eject defective parts
Collect and visualize live quality reports.

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Key Benefits

Spark can detect defects and make conformity decisions in real-time. Each inspection station generates live status of production quality with a dedicated dashboard and integration to your existing infrastructure.

Achieve best-in-class inspection performance

Improve quality consistency

Monitor production line's quality from anywhere


Delivering an industrial-grade solution for inspection, our product can adapt to a wide variety of controls. We have successfully deployed applications across several industries thanks to the learning capabilities of our software & extensive integration options.


Consumer Goods


Medical Devices


We're always on the lookout for top talent who are passionate about re-inventing the way quality control is built, deployed, and measured. We are building the most advanced deep learning platform for quality in manufacturing. If you are up for this challenge, then come talk to us. Let's learn and build together!

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