Our Solution

Our deep-learning platform provides state-of-the-art performance and robust vision solutions for automated quality intelligence.


We can completely automate all your visual inspection tasks irrespective of the level of complexity involved.


Seamlessly integration Scortex anywhere in your production line for an end-to-end quality control solution.

Real-time Measurements

We deliver real-time monitoring, reporting & analysis to isolate the root cause of your production quality issues.

What We Offer

Alongside the automated, intelligent and real-time capabilties of our platform, all our customers also gain access to the Scortex ecosystem.

We regularly collaborate with thought leaders in the Industry 4.0 domain and incorporate learnings not only into our product but also share them with our growing customer base.

Forward Looking Vision

Beyond just a vision, we've used our collective expertise to build a platform that allows you to take timely action.

Deep Focus on Quality

We share your passion for delivering top quality and have built a platform that delivers robust control and insights.

Top-level Ecosystem

We're working with industry leaders & innovative companies to create next generation manufacturing efficiency.

Competitive Advantage

A reduction in waste due to reduced quality issues brings you better margins and competitive advantage.

Our Founding Team

Meet the group that got together and started our company.





Hardware Lead



Join us to build the next generation automated, intelligent quality control platform.

Get To Know Us

Learn about how we got started and our vision for the future of intelligent quality control.

Industry Recognition

We're humbled, excited and very proud to have received recognition from a variety of institutions in our industry. To us this means that we're working on something that is resonating with the market and its leadership. This is also motivation fuel for our team!


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