Fully digitized inspection.

Meet our digital solution ready to learn to inspect your production.

Scortex transforms your quality inspection using artificial intelligence. We offer an automated defect detection and analytics platform to more accurately identify defective products in real time while improving overall plant profitability.

Entirely designed, built and maintained by our team & partners, Scortex' solution integrates the necessary automation, lights, cameras, hardware, software, IoT and AI capabilities.
Installed on your automated manufacturing line or stand-alone with a conveyor designed for your parts, the Solution will detect, label, sort and actuate according to the defects learned from your Quality Control Specialists.

Integrated with your EMS, your ERP or independently, Scortex Quality Solution generates individual quality reports for each part and allows remote live-monitoring of your quality Key Performance Indicators​.


Our Quality Intelligence Solution detects automatically defects on your production line. Thanks to our deep learning algorithm we are able to handle ​complex visual inspection​ which is not managed by traditional vision solutions.

Manages complex visual tasks

  • Detects complex defects with required accuracy
  • Classifies parts/defects
  • Localises defects position on a part
  • Segment the part allowing to define critical quality zones

100% automated visual inspection tasks

  • Integration on your production line
  • Ability to keep your manufacturing line speed

Develop one system for many detections

  • Single system for multiple references and types of defects
  • Ability to manage complex geometries and textures


Scortex help its customer improve their quality by improving their processes and production thanks to real-time quality data on our analytic platform.

Real-time and continuous quality data analytics:

  • Real time quality data of your production
  • Analytics platform through a dashboard giving you insights on your production line (quality Key Performance Indicators)

Root Cause analysis

  • Correlate quality issues with other data sources.
  • Analysis to isolate the root cause of the production quality issues

Improve processes & production:

  • Automate reaction scenarios when a quality issue occurs
  • Generate reports to have a traceability of the quality issues

Take action

Installed on your automated manufacturing line or stand-alone with
a inspection station designed for your products, our solution interacts with your factory.

Real time decision
on conformity

Ability to integrate on the production line and make a decision on a defective part. The Scortex platform can be connected to your line automation system for custom scenarios.

Learn once.
Deploy many times.

Learn the defects in one factory and deploy globally. Standardize the quality standard in all factories and reduce conformity decision noise.

Integration to
your environment.

Inspection reports are automaticly generated for every product. Access to all your reports though our centralized quality center. Interface with your ERP or EMS.

Ready to deploy?

Let's partner to take your quality control to the next level.