June 9, 2021

EMVA Business Conference X Scortex

We are honored that Scortex CEO and Founder - Aymeric de Pontbriand, has been invited to speak at the EMVA Business Conference 2021


Machine vision

We are honored to have been invited to speak at the EMVA (European Machine Vision Association) Business Conference 2021, Scortex CEO and Founder Aymeric de Pontbriand will be speaking about Digitizing Quality Control by Deploying Deep Learning Applications At ScaleĀ 

Covering topics such as:

  • What it takes to deploy deep learning applications to solve complex inspections
  • How operational teams are taking back the control of their inspection performances
  • The need for a global data platform to fully grasp the value of digital quality and power data applications

The digital transformation of quality control is having a profound impact on the value chain of the machine vision industry. The advent of industrial-grade deep learning opens up new automation possibilities.

This conference unites business leaders and technical experts within the Vision Tech Industry and the various user markets from Europe and around the world to present and discuss trends and challenges. It provides a unique platform in Europe for networking, establishing contacts, and exchanging ideas. The EMVA Business Conference sets the course for developing and strengthening the industry in Europe.