October 22, 2019

Digitizing Quality Inspection for Forging and Casting Industry

Digitizing Quality Inspection for Forging and Casting Industry with Scortex.


Scortex’s solution enables the automation of complex quality inspection, capable of detecting defects in online & real-time to inspect 100% of the production. It provides automatic quality reporting and data management for unprecedented visibility over the production. The solution is shaped by each customer’s quality specifications, combining deep learning software capabilities to continuously learn and improve defect detection and an edge compute platform for fast & robust detection.

The Forging And Casting Industry

With its wide ranging applications, quality steel is much more than meets the eye. There are growing opportunities for optimizing manufacturing processes with the advent of cutting edge machine learning capabilities to detect defects on complex textures and geometries. Digitizing quality checks can improve production throughput time of a plant and ultimately make it easier to meet tight production tolerances since manual labour simply cannot match machine precision. Through the available key quality data and integration with ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) quality modules our customers get real time output trend data which could be used to improve the extent of PPM(Parts Per Million) defects.

Our solution is efficient for reducing the cost of quality and automating processes without being a bottleneck and also reduces the time required for quality checks.

Scope And Solution

The Scortex Solution can be implemented within the forging and casting manufacturing process through an integrated and adaptable system that can include robotics, vision systems, and server infrastructure. The Scortex Solution integrates complexity with multiple layers of software, while edge compute incorporates a cloud platform that enables scalability within the organization.

Our expertise in digitizing quality inspection allows us to cater to large volume production with targeted specifications for:

  • Inclusions on the surface of the metal strip or voids in steel

  • Split layers due to excess gas or non-metallic inclusions

  • Seams, laps and other irregularities

  • Rippled surfaces or warped parts

  • Hot cracking during welding

  • Intricate geometries

  • Textures

The Value We Create

Configured to fit your production, our adaptable and integrated solution can provide quality insights that can be of value in the following ways:

  • In high volume manufacturing industries, our customers were often limited in their productivity due to visual quality control. Industries such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Luxury items and Consumer Goods are now installing Scortex Solution in their factories to profit from its expertise in deep learning and deployment of our integrated and adaptable solution.

  • When the application recognizes non-conformity, the control engineer can configure an alert process. Consequent corrective action can save material, downtime, unnecessary expenditure and energy.

  • The real time and systematic quality reporting helps analyse the process and the defects giving insights allowing companies to explore opportunities in optimisation of the forging and casting processes and insights into increasing efficiency.

  • Since the Scortex Quality Intelligence Solution system is fully integrated on a real time assembly line, there are no bottlenecks and minimal adjustments needed in the production processes.

Use Cases

Whether it is plastic, polymers, metal, wood or packaging, we were able to get images, learn from them, spot the defect and eject the defective parts at manufacturing speed.

  • For a Tier 1 automotive company seeking full automation of the production line and defect detection for an array of defects, we established a 100% automated detection, achieving speeds up to 48 parts/minute on forged parts for drive systems.

  • For a French automotive supplier looking to reduce the number of defective components reaching their customer: we enabled detection of 13 defect types on both sides of the component at production speeds of up to 30 parts/minute.

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