February 23, 2022

The User Experience of your Vision Solution drives your Return on Investment

Check our new product and how easy it is to use. Learn to create an inspection application in 5 min to tackle your untapped automation projects.


Why Did Scortex Release This Innovative Product ?

Over the past few years, we have seen a number of ‘smart cameras’ be introduced to the market. But those smart cameras have still to be set up correctly on your product line. 

This is where the user experience of your camera becomes critical to your ability to deploy efficiently. The user experience will define whether you can install and manage it with your own staff. It becomes a major driver of ROI.

Also, good sensors do not necessarily mean a good User Experience. And when it comes to developing deep learning based inspection applications… User experience is paramount !

In early January 2022, Scortex unveiled Spark, its new product with one motto in mind : simplicity to drive performance. 

show the spark system

Why is it Different ?

Really fast: a few second to create the inspection application 

Really simple: a non-clustered user interface, focused on the needs of non-expert users

Really applicable: from 30 acquired images you just have to click on one button to be ready for inspection.

And because showing is proving, let’s review the creation process…

Spark comes in a turnkey kit

♦ An appliance, the Spark Box which will do the link between Spark, your production line and our cloud platform, thanks to an included 4G connectivity

♦ Light : a dome from TPL Vision, adapted to a variety of use cases.

♦ Industrial Basler camera and objective 

♦ A 22’’ touch Screen, on which you can create and manage your inspection applications, and then see the quality decision

Using Spark to create an inspection application

1. Prepare your set of parts : we suggest to divide your parts in three categories:

Healthy parts used for the training (30 parts)

Defective parts to inspect

Healthy parts to inspect

show the parts

2. Then prepare your vision setup to ensure the typical anomalies will be visible on the image

show how to set camera

Create the Inspection Application

3. Acquire Images

Upon clicking on the “Application Creation” button, you will be prompted to take a minimum of 3 images to create the application.

Place the parts one by one on the conveyor and the camera will acquire the images automatically. 30 acquisitions are usually sufficient to reach good performances.

4. Train

Once acquisitions are done, click on “Train” to train the application. The process is instantaneous !

Inspect some parts of which you know the OK/NOK status to evaluate if the performances are satisfactory.

display the acquisition of parts

As you saw, the creation process is as simple as it can be. With its speed, ease and simplicity of use, Spark will help you reach unmatched detection performances.

With Spark, give autonomy to your process experts, quality specialists, industrialisation engineers. 

Even with small batches of different references they will be able to quickly create new applications and easily deploy them on the production line.

gif of detections

Next step ?

Contact us to discuss your needs, check our different features and get a Spark demo !