Successful Use Cases

In high volumes manufacturing industries, our customers were often limited in their productivity due to visual quality control.

Whether it is plastic, polymers, metal, wood or packaging,
Scortex Quality Intelligence Solution is able to get images, learn from them, spot defects and trigger actions at manufacturing speed.

Automotive Body-in-White parts

Our Client

Worldwide Car Manufacturer producing on this line at a rate of 1000 parts per hour

Quality Need

  • Ability to detect cracked parts as well as cosmetic defects
  • Match the line speed
  • Reduce total cost of quality
  • Enable total automation of the line


  • Speed of 1000 parts per hour
  • Turnkey installation of gantry, automation, vision, hardware, software
  • Integration on the factory line, connexion to the customers robots
  • Live Quality decision at lines speed
scortex inspection
Stamping inspection

Luxury Cosmetics - Golden reflective plastic parts

Customer profile

Worldwide Tier 1 in Luxury and Pharma industries.
Produces millions of varnished & metallized plastics parts for perfumes and cosmetics

Quality needs

  • Quality for customers
  • Ergonomic improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Combining quality inspection with automated production

Solution delivered

  • 100% defect detection on line
  • Integration on existing line with parts in rotation and translation
  • Very high speed: 3 parts per seconds

Schneider Electric

Our client

Worldwide manufacturer of industrial equipement.
Turnover of more than 20B€ and 200+ factories.

Quality needs

  • Highly reflective parts with varying textures
  • 7 defect types such as scratch, hit mark, lapping, flare, stain
  • Inspection cycle time: 1 second

Solution in production

  • 100% Automated online inspection
  • Inspection integrated in existing machine with linear motion
  • Automatic conformity decision based on quality zoning
  • Defects' pareto and conformity decision shared live to factory MES

Automotive Chromed plastic parts

Customer profile

French manufacturer in the automotive and consumer goods industry.
Produces millions of chromed & painted plastics parts.
Use case presentation video on our Blog :

Quality needs

  • Reduce missed defects at inspection and customer claims
  • Reduce inspection manpower
  • Improve quality reporting for reactive process parameters tuning

Solution in production

  • 100% Automated inspection
  • Inspection station handling trays of >150 parts
  • 10 part references, 10 defect types such as lack of coating, stains, bumps...
  • No changes made to part handling process
  • Inspection cycle: 0.4 second per part

Automotive Forged Parts

Our client

German Tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry producing forged parts at high volume.
Annual production of more 300.000 tons.

Quality needs

  • Full automation of production and quality control process
  • Manage different part references with different geometry
  • Handle complex visual defect with subjectivity
  • Reduce total cost of quality

Solution delivered

  • 100% Automated defect detection
  • Inspection station with rotating parts
  • Detect, localise & classify defects in real-time: 30 parts/min
  • 50+ References with 4 different type of defects such as cracks, flashes, wrinkles & hit marks

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We have been succefully delivering inspection stations across Europe for leading manufacturers on the most challenging inspections.
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