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In high volumes manufacturing industries, our customers were often limited in their productivity due to visual quality control. Industries such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Luxury items and Consumer Goods are now installing Scortex Solution in their factories to take a new step into total quality control.

Whether it is plastic, polymers, metal, wood or packaging, Scortex Quality Intelligence Solution is able to get images, learn from them, spot defects and trigger actions at manufacturing speed.

Forged Parts

Manufacturers profile

Tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry. They produce forged parts.

Needs expressed

  • Full automation of the production line and detection of defects
  • Detect, localise, classify and segment defects Manage different parts with different shapes

Results of our solution

  • 100% Automated detection
  • 50+ References with 4 different type of defects such as cracks, flashes, wrinkles or hit marks
  • Accelerate inspection to 30 parts/min

Metallic machined parts

Customer profile

Large manufacturer in the industral equipement sector
They produce electrical equipement.

Needs expressed

  • Reduce the number of defective part delivered to the final custome
  • 100% Automation of defect detection with multiple defects on multiple references
  • Production cycle of 1 seconde

Results of our Solution

  • 100% Automated detection
  • 7 types of defects such as scratch, hit mark, lapping, flare, stain
  • Decision based on quality zoning

Painted plastic parts

Customer profile

French Tier 3 Supplier in the automotive industry
They produce galvanized & painted plastics parts

Need expressed

  • Full automation of the offline inspection with defect detection
  • Ability to inspect trays of parts at the same rate as human with better repeatability

Result of our solution

  • 100% Automated inspection
  • 10 references, 10 classes of defects such as lack of coating, stains, bumps...
  • Detection rate of 40 milliseconds per button

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