July 1, 2021

Automated Inspection for Galvanoplasty at CTS

The auto supplier CTS needed an automated visual inspection on its production lines to improve the traceability and quality of its production.


CTS Scortex

Galvanoplasty: A Complex Process

CTS Group is an innovative manufacturer of automotive and luxury parts for European companies. For 50+ years, the group has been leading with expertise on treatments of metal and plastics such as chrome plating, zinc plating, and painting.

CTS France needed an automated visual inspection for parts on its production lines to improve processes, traceability, and the quality of its production.

The CTS quality team has developed expertise to accurately identify non-conformities on their parts. The main challenge being the subjectivity of the defects. To automate this visual inspection task, the solution had to be able to learn to reproduce the decision of quality experts accurately.

Digitizing Expertise

The first essential step to successfully deploy a deep learning-based inspection is to collect the samples. They have to be representative of the production and the defects diversity. This step has proven valuable for CTS to understand better their quality and the objectives they have to improve it.

CTS obtained more control over their production quality and improved reliability with the Scortex solution. According to CTS, the benefits of the automated inspection performance were :

  • Fully automated visual inspection of 100% of parts at production speed
  • 8 Typologies of defects learned
  • Improved inspection performance: Accuracy and Consistency
  • Real-time quality analytics accessible remotely
  • Reduction in human biases in defect detection

The project was a success. The added benefits of the Scortex solution were significant improvement in quality output and increased productivity, as mentioned by Mr. Lefel, Quality Director of CTS France.

Deep Learning Quality in Production

The video, created by CTS France in collaboration with Scortex, shows the production line and the inspection machine installed.

This Youtube video published by the West Data Festival shows the testimony from Mr. Lefel